Word at Work Workshops

ILT has developed a unique, efficient, and economic course of study for congregations to achieve a solid foundation in religious education equipping them for the demands of evangelizing the world in a post-Christian era. This program, called Word at Work Workshop (3W), encompasses 6 one-day educational events to be delivered in the context of the congregation. It is designed to be a pathway of foundational learning intentionally ordered to equip the Church so that it will defend the Christian faith in the 21st Century.

Upcoming Workshop: Martin Luther, Life and Theology

On October 31st 1517 a small-town monk nailed 95 Thesis to the church door in Wittenberg Germany. This was not an unusual act as the church was the meetinghouse for the community and when there was a topic for discussion one simply put up notice on the church door. Martin Luther, the seemingly insignificant monk, had unintentionally put into motion the Protestant Reformation. This reform movement would return the focus of Christian theology to pointing to Christ alone for salvation. And in the process change the world forever. Join us as we celebrate the 500-year anniversary of this momentous event by attending The Institution of Lutheran Theology’s “The Life and Theology of Martin Luther.”

About Word at Work Workshops

World Religions and Cults:

Overview of living world religions and active cults in North America. This will include religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Cults such as Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, and Scientology.


Devil and the Demonic:

Overview of the Bible’s teaching about Satan and his demonic horde as well as their work and influence in today’s culture. This will include the study from Scripture of the identity and names for Satan or the Devil, his will and work in today’s world, and the power God gives to overcome it.


Church History:

An overview of the history of the Christian church from the 1st to the 21st Century. This includes major theologian, theological movements, and major events leading to divisions in the Church.

The Theology of Martin Luther:

An overview of the life of Martin Luther and his radical theology that altared Christendom forever. This includes historical facts about the life and times of Martin Luther as well as his return to Scripture as the norm that norms norms.


Interpreting Scripture:

Overview of the basic principles for sure and certain reading of God’s Holy Word. This includes a discussion as to why there are many different readings or interpretations of the Bible as well as the specific ways in which Christians read the Bible and why.

Defending the Faith:

Christian face many arguments against eternal truth, this course will present many of the arguments against the reality of eternal truth. This presentation will argue ways to approach and discuss objections to the Christian faith through the truths of the Word of God.

Program Benefits:

  1. Invite the community to visit your church in a neutral way.

  2. To be the driving force for equipping Christians in your local area.

  3. Experience a taste of the ILT learning experience.

  4. To forge a relationship between seminary and congregation.


Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Equip defenders of the Christian faith with the knowledge to evangelize the 21st Century culture.

  2. Give confidence to speak about the Christian faith and tradition in truth and love.

  3. Ignite a new found flame of passion and desire for Christian education and learning.

  4. A comprehensive understanding of our Christian heritage and history.



  1. World Religions and Cults

  2. Devil and the Demonic

  3. Church History

  4. The Theology of the Martin Luther

  5. Interpreting Scripture

  6. Defending the Faith

What will ILT provide?

The 3W is one day event in which ILT provides a speaker to present on the selected topic as well as promotion of the event in the local area. ILT will also be available to do pulpit supply and adult Bible study on the Sunday following the event. All participants in the event will be given a free subscription to the Word at Work Magazine and the ILT News and Events Email list.


What must a congregation provide?

The congregation is asked to provide a luncheon the day of the event along with the facility and facility setup. (Note: The Thrivent program “Thrivent Action Teams” is an easy way to receive $250 toward the cost of the meal, for more information click here. https://www.thrivent.com/making-a-difference/living-generously/thrivent-action-teams/)

To sign-up contact Tim Swenson.