Educational Videos

ILT provides educational videos covering a variety of topics. Available resources include lectures, seminars, and bible study resources. The content of these videos are generated from faculty and staff along with pastors who provided resources for a congregational setting. These videos are free for personal and congregational use covering a variety of Biblical and theological topics. 


Chapel at the Institute of Lutheran Theology (ILT) provides the preaching of the Word of God and the prayers of the people during the weeks when classes are held. The local ILT staff and faculty gather for Chapel and its recording.  ILT makes the Chapel recording available on its website for your use in hearing the Word of God and the preaching of it—that is, the preaching of Jesus Christ, him crucified, and him alone.

Word at Work Courses

The Institute of Lutheran Theology works with pastors to create Bible study resources and videos for individual and congregations. These excellent resources are available free of charge. 

Lutheran Legacy and The Reformation

Dr. George Forell was a beloved teacher of the church and one of the leading Luther scholars of the twentieth century. ILT is privileged to have videos of a series of lectures he gave in 1996 on Lutheran theological distinctives.  These videos are available here free of charge. Enjoy!

Free Lectures

Listen in as Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt introduces students to basic issues of faith, knowledge, and reason, both in contemporary philosophy and theology and as these issues have been addressed historically in the Western philosophical tradition. These videos are an education in and of themselves. Don’t miss them.

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