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Table Talk is a free weekly devotional that provides writings for use as a bulletin insert for congregations and for use in family devotions. It follows the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) used by SOLA Publishing. ILT makes it available every week, free of charge, on our Resources page and by email subscription. Table Talk's message delivers God's devotion to you, his wayward people, through his Son Jesus Christ.

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Monday Morsels

The First Sunday in Lent, A

March 01, 2020

Jesus is led by the [Holy] Spirit into that place where temptation was possible—that is, the wilderness where so many things are lost to sight. There, in the wilderness, the devil sought to break Jesus’ reliance on faith alone. He attempted to provoke Jesus into self-sufficiency, proving to the devil’s sight that he was indeed the Son of God. With each attempted provocation, Jesus demonstrates his complete dependency upon the Father’s provision, protection, and patronage.

Ash Wednesday A

February 26, 2020

Jesus blasts the practice of performing visible and attention grabbing good works. Rehearsed righteousness gets no heavenly reward (vs. 1). Attracting attention in alms-giving results in the reward of praise from the public, but the heavenly Father remains unimpressed (vs. 2-4). Ostentatiousness in prayer too receives public reward in lieu of heavenly approval (vs. 5-6). Public displays regarding fasting may get noticed by many but that sort of fame is all you’ll get in the way of reward (vs. 16- 18). And, the accumulation of treasures, my, my… don’t accumulate earthly ones subject to natural disasters and predatory thieves. Better, Jesus says, to work on heavenly treasures where neither you nor robbers can see them, and nature’s disasters are not an issue (vs.19-20).

The Transfiguration of Our Lord, A

February 23, 2020

We have a problem, you and I: We covet. Oh, I don’t mean we covet our neighbor’s spouse, house, or property. No, our coveting goes much deeper than that. We covet that which is forbidden to us forbidden for the sake of our faith. We covet sight rather than faith. This presents a problem for us who must walk by faith and not by sight. As the Apostle preaches regarding hope (faith and hope are deeply connected), “Who hopes for what he sees?” (Ro. 8:24). We covet replacing the things of faith and hope with the things of sight and experience.

The Sixth Sunday after Epiphany, A

February 16, 2020

Jesus was concerned in the previous week’s text (Mt. 5:13-20) to expose our sinful manipulation of the Law (cf. Mt. 5:18-19). In this week’s text, Jesus reveals that simple outward obedience doesn’t satisfy the demand of the Law. Obedience must be inward as well. He delivers teaching on relationships with neighbors, on matters pertaining to sex and marriage, and on matters pertaining to oaths and covenants. One of these matters has been incorporated into our liturgical practice.

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