Why Give To ILT?

The Church and Christian higher education are facing strong head winds in North America right now. Among these are the threat of secularism and the lack of pastors to serve God’s people. We all have a sense that things cannot be as they have been. While we know that God oversees all these things, it can be overwhelming to face the challenges of our time. The threat of losing our tradition seems real. 

ILT is committed to preserving the Lutheran tradition and to preparing pastors and teachers to walk into these headwinds. ILT students are not only prepared for the context of ministry but also to engage in these threats. This is made possible through the contributions of generous donors. ILT cannot survive on tuition alone.  

ILT currently has three primary needs.  

The first is prayer. In these uncertain times, the only certainty we truly have is in the Lord. We must be deeply rooted in his grace. The students, faculty, and staff of ILT covet your prayers. It is only by the grace of God that we have become what we are, and it is only in his grace that we will continue to move forward. Please pray for us. 

The second is the general fund. While tuition is up this year (there is a record number of students and this is a record year for tuition revenue), tuition only supports 40% of ILT’s overall budget. The biggest part of ILT’s budget is for the faculty and staff who teach and support the ILT students. Because ILT is an online school, the typical expenses for property and insurance are not in the budget. Instead, ILT can focus its spending on only those things that will promote the school and the education of the students. Donations to the general fund help supply the expertise needed to help ILT students succeed. 

The third is financial aid for students. Many ILT students are called to ministry, but do not have a way to fund their studies. The need of the church manifests in the financial needs of the students. Scholarships and financial aid are the only way that some students have the financial freedom to study and prepare for their calling. The ILT business office is dedicated to the notion that no student will not study at ILT simply because of finances. This commitment becomes more difficult as the student body grows.  

ILT has an important mission to keep the Lutheran tradition alive and train pastors and teachers to serve God’s people. This mission is dependent upon the continued generosity of donors who understand the need. Tuition alone cannot cover the cost to provide the education. As we come to the end of the year, please consider ILT. We need your help. Any donation that you give to either the general fund or for student support will be used to support the efforts of our students to prepare for service in the name of God and his people.  

To God alone be the glory. 

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