Record Enrollments Bring New Challenges

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! I am very excited today about the wonderful new students who will be studying at ILT this fall. Who are some of these people who will be among us? In my classes this semester there is Morton from Norway matriculating in our Doctor of Ministry program and Jean from Madagascar working on his Ph.D. Jean is one of three ILT students from Madagascar, and he joins Dan, Charles, Jim, David, John, Cooper, and Lenae in ILT’s required course for all Ph.D. students: “Theological Methods.” I also am blessed to teach Kristie working on her Master of Arts and Sarah at work on her Master of Divinity degree. I write today because our students need your help. Although the tuition paid by ILT students covers only 1/3 of the cost of our actual programming, it is still expensive for many. This is where you and your congregation can help. For $1,140 you can buy for a student a full three-hour course in our M.Div. program, for $1,350 you can do the same for a STM (Master of Sacred Theology) student, and for $2,100 you can purchase a full three-hour Ph.D. class. All financial aid ILT awards comes from donor gifts. Because of such support, ILT students can graduate debt free! Headcount at ILT looks to be up 15% this fall over any previous semester. Our students need your assistance. Can you or your congregation help in paying for all or part of a class for a worthy student? Our goal is to raise $30,000 in the next month. Help us assist new emerging voices to proclaim faithfully and effectively the Gospel of our Risen Lord, and to teach others so to proclaim! Some of you have helped in the past. We thank you! We also thank in advance all of you who will choose to help our students in this way. In Christ,  Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt, President Institute of Lutheran Theology 

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