New Developments at ILT

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ILT has continued to develop and expand its educational opportunities since receiving initial accreditation in February 2018. Since then ILT has been able to receive approval to offer Ph.D. programs and expand its master's degree offerings. In order to organize these developments, and others to come in the longer term, ILT has reorganized under four different units:

1) Christ Academy, 2) Christ College, 3) Christ Seminary, and 4) the Christ School of Theology.

Christ Academy ILT

Lay Education Programs

ILT offers three options for lay education. Christ Academy ILT offers the Faith and Life Certificate, the Bethel Series brings Bible Teacher Training for people who love the Word, and the now the new Life in Christ Certificate programs. The Life in Christ program consists of four modules taught over a nine-month period. Students participate in four seven-week courses that meet for two hours each week. Through these programs ILT is fulfilling its commitment to helping lay people meet their educational goals so that they might understand the Bible, history, and doctrine more deeply.

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Christ College ILT

Undergraduate Degree Programs

ILT is currently seeking approval to offer undergraduate credits and degrees. It is our intention to offer Associate of Arts degrees in the future and to develop these programs not only for ministry preparation, but also for a broader, liberal arts type program. While these programs remain under development and are currently going through the approval process, ILT is working hard so that we can offer these degrees to future students.

Christ Seminary ILT

Ministry Preparation Programs

ILT offers six seminary certificate and degree programs. These programs provide training for both ordained and non-ordained ministry. These include the Pastoral Ministry Certificate, Youth and Family Certificate, Master of Divinity Degree, and Doctor of Ministry Degrees. This year ILT has added a Master of Ministry Degree for diaconal and other non-ordained ministry training, and the Master of Military Chaplaincy, training for US Military personnel. With these new programs, ILT now offers training for entrance into congregational and chaplaincy ministry at five different levels.

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Christ School of Theology ILT

Graduate Degree Programs

Christ School of Theology ILT offers Master of Arts, Master of Sacred Theology, and Doctor of Philosophy programs to train theologians. These programs are rigorous academic programs that focus on understanding the Bible, the history of the Church, the doctrine of the Church, and the Church's relationship to the contemporary world.

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As ILT expands and grows through implementing these new developments in the 2019-2020 school year, we remain committed to our mission and core values. Thank you for your support. If you can give at this time, it will be greatly appreciated. This is traditionally the slowest time of the year for donations, and your generosity will go a long way toward us meeting our obligations. You can give securely here:

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