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Each week you will find new stories posted here about how God is using the Institute of Lutheran Theology to sow the seed of the gospel. Check back often to stay informed. 

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Religion, Science, and Proclaiming the Gospel

There are many ways science and religion conflict with each other in our modern and secular world. This week (June 24-28, 2019), Institute of Lutheran Theology (ILT) hosted six students in Brookings for an intensive summer session in which Dr. Bielfeldt led students through some of the always interesting and often thorny issues at the intersection of religion and science. Students learned all about methods of scientific investigation and the philosophy of science. Issues like God's work in the world, creation, the authority held by science and religion, and discussed many other important ethical and cultural issues. ILT student Bob Rogers said this class "offers us the opportunity to discus

Living In God’s Promises: Report of June Board Meeting

The ILT Board of Directors met Monday and Tuesday this week (June 17 and 18) and gave their direction on many weighty matters. The most important items for discussion at each summer board meeting are the budget for the coming year, the board's evaluation of the president, and nominations of new board members. The board also reviewed the 2019-2020 business plan and the proposal for undergraduate programs that will be sent to the accreditation agency this fall. Dr. Bielfeldt reported to the board that the vision of what ILT will be is becoming clearer. In his report to the board he said, "I now believe our future is to be an international school educating people in theology to become professor

ILT Would Appreciate Hearing From You!

We need you to know we are running a June fundraiser with the goal to end the year in the clear! We sent a letter from Dr. Bielfeldt last month announcing the beginning of the end of the fiscal year campaign and our need to raise $125,000. Did you see it? If you did, this is your reminder, and if you didn't this is your alert that we need you to act in the next two weeks. Why is it so important to raise that amount? We have many donors who only give in December. That's great for January, but as you can imagine, it's slim pickings come June. Yet we must gear up for the Fall Term! Come September we will be in good shape because students' tuition payments, but we need funds to pay bills in Jun

House of Studies Course

Theology and Science When: June 24-28, 2019 | Cost: $75.00 Held: ILT, Old Sanctuary, 910 4th St. PO Box 833, Brookings, SD 57006 Registration: Call ILT at (605) 692-9337 or email Threasa at This course is being offered as a House of Studies on campus in Brookings, SD from June 24-28, 2019. This course reflects critically upon the nature of both the scientific and the theological enterprises, and it seeks ways to connect these supposedly disparate disciplines. After introducing various motifs for understanding the relation of science and theology, this course defends a critical correlation of the disciplines that allows for theological and scientific propositions to make aut

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