The Master of Military Chaplaincy program is specifically designed to equip students to become faithful and effective ministers of the gospel as chaplains in the armed forces of the United States.  The program fulfills all Department of Defense requirements, as well as those of most church body endorsing agents. ILT provides a mentor who guides and advises students through the chaplain candidacy process. The 72-credit length ensures that students can complete the program within the window of time provided by the chaplain candidacy process.  Students have the option of completing a further 18 credits of study and earning the Master of Divinity degree. Students must be endorsed by a church endorsing agency and approved as Chaplain Candidates by the appropriate military board before being accepted into this program. Chaplain Candidates are commissioned and serve in reserve or National Guard units part-time while attending classes.  Students not yet endorsed or approved as Chaplain Candidates have the option of enrolling in ILT in the Master of Divinity program or as Open Studies students until they become Chaplain Candidates. The courses they take will count toward the M.M.C. degree.

Master of Military Chaplaincy | M.M.C.

The Program


Students in the Master of Military Chaplaincy program complete a specially designed chaplaincy internship, which includes both civilian and military ministry experience.  

  1. Military internship

    • Serve as chaplain assistants during week-end drill, annual training, and at other opportunities when serving with their unit.

    • Participate in Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CHBOLC) (90-days)

    • Participate in Chaplain Annual Sustainment Training (CAST), Endorsers’ Annual Conference, etc.

  1. Civilian internship

    • Congregational ministry—preaching, pastoral care, parish education.

    • CPE—one unit (12 weeks)

The chaplain under which the student works will supervise the military internship. The supervisor of the civilian internship will be the pastor of the congregation. ILT will offer help in making a connection with appropriate CPE programs.


Completing the Master of Divinity

Graduates of the M.M.C program may earn a Master of Divinity degree by completing the following program:

Biblical Theology (3 Credits)

one course chosen from the following:

  • BT 600-699 Old Testament or New Testament Elective

Historical and Systematic Theology (9 Credits)

  • HST 601 Creation and the Triune God (requires HST 613)

  • HST 602 Christology

  • HST 603 Church, Spirit, and Two Kingdoms

two courses chosen from the following:

BT, PTE or PT Electives (6 Credits)


Additional Credits = 18

M.M.C. Credits = 72

Total Credits = 90


M.M.C. students may transfer at any time to either track of the Master of Divinity program.




M.M.C. graduates who have accessioned as Chaplains can participate in ILT’s Residency Program for Chaplains while doing the coursework to complete the Master of Divinity degree. The residency consists of two years of congregational ministry with mentoring. The student chooses his or her mentor, subject to the approval of the ILT Director of Chaplaincy Education. The mentoring will deal with issues of self-care, time management, discernment (deciding between active duty or reserve, future military and civilian education, navigating between the ecclesial and military contexts, etc.), and other issues.


Biblical Theology

BT 500: Introduction to New Testament Greek
BT 511: Pentateuch and The Histories
BT 530: Wisdom and The Prophets
BT 561: The Gospels (requires BT 500)
BT 565: Epistles and the Formation of the New Testament (requires BT 500)
BT 566: Paul and His Legacy (requires BT 500)

Total: 15 Credits

Historical and Systematic Theology

HST 501: History of Christian Thought I
HST 502: History of Christian Thought II (requires HST 501)
HST 506: History of Religion in North America
HST 555: Systematic Theology
HST 613: History of Christian Thought III (requires HST 502)
HST 655: The Lutheran Confessions


Total: 18 Credits

Philosophical Theology and Theological Ethics

PTE 501: Faith, Knowledge, and Reason
PTE 510: Ethics in Lutheran Perspective
PTE 513: Military Ethics (requires EPR 510)
PTE 520: Theology and World Religions
PTE 521: Apologetics under the Cross

Total: 15 Credits

Pastoral Theology

PT 501: Pastoral Care I
PT 502: Pastoral Care II (requires PT 501)
PT 503: Pastoral Care III (requires PT 502)
PT 505: The Teaching Shepherd
PT 506: Ministering with Families (requires PT 502)
PT 511: Theology and the Practice of Worship 
PT 521: Homiletics I
PT 522: Homiletics II (requires PT 521)
PT 523: Homiletics III (requires PT 522)
PT 592: Military Chaplaincy Internship


Total: 24 Credits

Total: 72 Credits

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