Graduate Open Studies

Those who want to take courses at ILT but do not wish to be part of a degree program may enroll as open studies students. Credits earned by open studies students may later be counted toward a degree, provided the student has completed the full application process and been admitted into the degree program.

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Zero Student Debt

ILT, through the generosity of donors, supplies financial aid and tuition payment programs to assist students in the payment of tuition. ILT is committed to making an affordable education available to all who are accepted to any educational program. Because of this commitment, ILT students graduate with no debt.

Total: $0.00

Cost of Courses

Students taking courses Open Studies can choose from any of the courses that ILT offers. Courses cost $417 per credit hour or $1,251 per 3 credit class. Students can also audit classes at half-price. Books are not included, fees and discounts will apply.

Total: $1,251 per course

Courses to be Completed

Open Studies allows students to build their own program. Students looking to take specific courses or to fulfill colloquy requirements can take courses as an Open Studies student. Students can also build a program to meet their specific learning goals. 

Total: Tailored

Total Timeline

Since Open Studies students build their coursework to meet their own goals, timelines will vary. Open Studies students can take as many course as they wish for as long as they wish without restrictions. 

Total: Varies