Faith & Life Certificate

The Faith and Life Certificate is a six-course program designed to provide instruction in basic Christian theological understandings and practice. This program is best suited for Christians seeking to be thoroughly equipped to carry out their call to ministry within their Christian lives. It can be used as ministry preparation for short term missionaries or anyone who wants to be better equipped in the basic teachings of the Bible and Christian theology.

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Zero Student Debt

ILT, through the generosity of donors, supplies financial aid and tuition payment programs to assist students in the payment of tuition. ILT is committed to making an affordable education available to all who are accepted to any educational program. Because of this commitment, ILT students graduate with no debt.

Total: $0.00

Cost of Courses

Tuition is $390 per credit hour or $1,170 per 3-hour course. Tuition cost is subject to change. Additional costs (fees and books)











Total: $7,020.00

Courses to be Completed

The F.L.C. program provides a foundation education in Lutheran theology and history. This program is designed to help lay people study the scriptures and the history and doctrine of the Lutheran church at the undergraduate level.







Total: 18 Credit Hours

Total Timeline

This program consists of 6 courses in the areas of biblical theology, historical and systematic theology, and pastoral theology. Full-time students can finish this degree in 1 year taking 3 courses a semester.










Total: 1Year

Program Learning Outcomes

Admissions Requirements