Doctor of Ministry | D.Min.

The Doctor of Ministry program focuses on reaching the unreached in a secular age from a specifically Lutheran perspective. Students are pastors with at least three years continuous experience who want to deepen their perspectives and hone their strategies for the church’s apologetic, evangelistic and catechetical tasks. The program requires 30 credit hours of work, including two independent projects and a final project or thesis.

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Zero Student Debt

ILT, through the generosity of donors, supplies financial aid and tuition payment programs to assist students in the payment of tuition. ILT is committed to making an affordable education available to all who are accepted to any educational program. Because of this commitment, ILT students graduate with no debt.

Total: $0.00

Cost of Courses

Tuition is $464 per credit hour or $1,392 per 3-credit course. The tuition rate is locked in for each cohort for the entire program. Additional costs (application fee, books, costs associated with researching and producing the independent projects or the final project or thesis, etc.) are also the responsibility of the participant.

Total: $13,920

Courses to be Completed

​The Doctor of Ministry program consists of five courses taught online through real-time video conferencing software, two self-directed independent projects, and a final thesis project. Focusing on evangelism and apologetics, this program equips pastors to lead congregations in the secular world.


Total: 30 Credits​

Total Timeline

The program has three parts: five courses, two independent projects and a final project or thesis. Participants move together through the course work as a cohort of 6-8 members over 5 semesters. These courses will be conducted online using live, interactive video conferencing. No travel is required for this program, though students may choose to travel as part of their independent projects or final project or thesis.

Total: 3 1/2 Years or Less

Program Learning Outcomes

Admissions Requirements

The Program


Wrestling on the Crossroad

Wrestling on the Crossroad is the academic journal for ILT’s Doctor of 
Ministry program. This publication features D.Min. student research papers specifically selected for this journal.

Chuck Huckaby

First Protestant Church

New Braunfels, Texas

We would like all the pastors out there to know more about ILT’s Doctor of Ministry program in Apologetics and Evangelism, therefore we asked a few of the people in it to write about their experience in it so far.  Rev. Chuck Huckaby, First Protestant Church of New Braunfels, Texas, is in the second cohort and here, in his own words, he explains what it means to be part of the DMin program:


As the graduate of a Baptist seminary who has served in several Presbyterian and Reformed contexts, I was seeking a seminary that was faithful to the Scriptures and Protestant Reformation while not simply rehashing familiar perspectives. ILT has admirably provided the fresh approach I was seeking.


Since graduating from seminary in 1984 I'd observed a variety of DMin programs but none ever seemed to "fit" for one reason or another. In fact, they all seemed to blur together after a while.


The day I saw the outline for ILT's Doctor of Ministry on a friend's Facebook feed, I knew it was the program for me - people who would understand my passion for the historic reformation church I love and serve.


Furthermore, it was on the very topic that is crucial for the life of every congregation I know: how to do effective outreach with integrity in secularized North America.


The content matter has been stimulating and challenging theologically and practically. The professors have been both scholarly yet friendly and accessible. The distance learning format and cohort system have been user-friendly and fostered both a sense of learning and community as the program progressed.


Learn how to engage our increasingly secularized culture with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We will give you the tools to reflect intelligently on the changes we are going through and how to apply what you are learning to your own context. The Doctor of Ministry degree should have its emphasis in practical, parish ministry, and ILT makes sure what you learn will be effective in what your heart longs for, reaching people for Jesus. 


Frequently asked questions

How much does a Doctor of Ministry degree cost?

Tuition is $410 per credit hour or $1,230 per 3-credit course. The tuition rate is locked in for each cohort for the entire program. Additional costs (application fee, books, costs associated with researching and producing the independent projects or the final project or thesis, etc.) are also the responsibility of the participant.

How long does it take to complete the Doctor of Ministry degree?

Year 1: Fall Semester - DM 601: A Secular World (3 credits)
Year 1: Spring Semester - DM 602: Models of Engagement (3 credits)
Year 2: Fall Semester - DM 604: Proclamation in the Twenty-first Century (3 credits)
Year 2: Spring Semester - DM 605: Catechesis (3 credits) Year 3: Fall Semester - EPR 580: Methodology and Approaches to Graduate Study (3 credits) Year 3: Spring Semester- DM 607: Final Project (9 credits)

Why should you complete a Doctor of Ministry degree?

You will help meet the desperate need for competent, well-trained pastors​. ​You will be equipped to preach the gospel to diverse communities anywhere​. You will be taught by experts from around North America.

What is real-time video conferencing?

ILT provides a real-time, online education. This allows the students to learn in a live, interactive learning environment. ILT uses AdobeConnect to bring the classroom to you. All you need is a computer, tablet, or a mobile phone with a reliable internet connection. Be sure to arrive in class on time! Video Conferencing ILT uses Adobe Connect Pro for its “classrooms.” The “campus” is an live-time video conferencing platform called Populi. By using these two live-time video conferencing platforms, ILT students are able to be a part of the ILT community without having to uproot their families and move to a physical campus. Our students also have the option of doing their internship or embedded ministry while taking classes. ILT has found that the students who have an internship during their academic studies are able to apply the things they have learned in a controlled learning environment and gain deeper and lasting insight. Real-Time Students at ILT participate in the classes they take in real-time, not by recording. The classes are recorded and students are able to go back and listen to a lecture over again, but this is not a substitute for the actual in-class experience. Interactive Students at ILT participate in the classroom as active members. Students cannot only see and hear the instructor but can also see and hear each other. So, just as in a traditional classroom, the students are interacting with the instructor and with each other. In addition, the instructors, or students, can present PDF documents, Power Point presentations, videos, or use a marker board. Library Resources ILT offers thousands of online resources, including full books and periodicals, through Ebrary, an online library. ILT also mails physical books to its students (ILT pays for shipping books to the students and the students cover the return shipping costs). Each student has access to thousands of volumes to help them in the studies the course work requires of them. (Access to these resources is open to pastors as well, please visit our library page if you are interested in learning more.) ​Video-Conferencing Checklist ✓ 4 GB ram in your computer or PC ✓ Internet connection that has a download speed of at least 10 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 5 Mbps ✓ A Webcam ✓ A USB headset with a microphone

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