Equipping for Christian Ministry


ILT has experienced Christian pastors and teachers who deliver a quality and practical Biblical education to help you serve in congregational ministry. Whether you are looking to be a pastor, youth minister, other
church worker, or simply wish to participate in continuing education, ILT can help you achieve your goals.

Master of Ministry | M.M.

The Master of Ministry program prepares students for diaconal or other nonordained ministries within the church and can also be an alternative track to ordained ministry. This 44-credit program provides a condensed classical theological education, with opportunities for specialization in particular areas of ministry. The program includes an internship tailored to the student’s goals, which can be done while also taking classes. Graduates of the program have the option of completing a further 46 credits to earn a Master of Divinity degree.

Master of Military Chaplaincy | M.M.C.

The Master of Military Chaplaincy program is specifically designed to equip students to become faithful and effective ministers of the gospel as chaplains in the armed forces of the United States. The program fulfills all Department of Defense requirements, as well as those of most church body endorsing agents. ILT provides a mentor who guides and advises students through the chaplain candidacy process. The 72-credit program ensures that students can complete the program within the window of time provided by the chaplain candidacy process. Students have the option of completing a further 18 credits of study and earning the Master of Divinity degree. Students must be endorsed by a church endorsing agency and approved as Chaplain Candidates by the appropriate military board before being accepted into this program. Chaplain Candidates are commissioned and serve in reserve or National Guard units part-time while attending classes. Students not yet endorsed or approved as Chaplain Candidates have the option of enrolling in ILT in the Master of Divinity program or as Open Studies students until they become Chaplain Candidates. Meanwhile, the courses they take will count toward the M.M.C. degree.

Master of Divinity | M.Div.

The Master of Divinity program prepares persons for the office of public ministry of Word and Sacrament in the church of Jesus Christ. It requires 90 course credits, equivalent to three years of full-time coursework. In addition, students in the (M.Div.) must complete the equivalent of a one-year full-time internship.

Doctor of Ministry | D.Min.

The Doctor of Ministry program focuses on reaching the unreached in a secular age from a specifically Lutheran perspective. Students are pastors with at least three years of continuous experience who want to deepen their perspectives and hone their strategies for the church’s apologetic, evangelistic, and catechetical tasks. The program requires 30 credit hours of work, including two independent projects and a final project or thesis.


Practical education is just as important as academic education for the development of pastoral candidates. Through the Embedded Ministry Program, students at ILT gain practical experience and insight into the pastoral office.  Students are "embedded" into the congregational "seed bed", where they apply classroom lessons to relevant situations in a controlled environment. 

International Partners Programming

International Partners is a multifaceted division at the Institute of Lutheran Theology and falls under Educational Ministries for a variety of reasons. First, in cooperation with World Mission Prayer League we launched the Certificate of Mission Studies to provide instruction that prepares lay persons or pastors to serve and conduct outreach in cross-cultural settings. We also work with officers of denominations in other countries on establishing schools, and teaching at the certificate level, which is the best option for the majority of their students.

Graduate Open Studies

Those who want to take courses at ILT but do not wish to be part of a degree program may enroll as open studies students. Credits earned by open studies students may later be counted toward a degree, provided the student has completed the full application process and been admitted into the degree program.

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