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Bethel Bible Series Teacher Training

This course is an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation allowing the Bible to reveal itself to students through pictures, biblical concepts, and the Bible’s own powerful words. This course will prepare students to be Bethel Series trained
teachers who, once they have finished twenty-one weeks studying the Old Testament and twenty-one weeks studying the New Testament and having passed the exams, will be certified by Bethel Series headquarters to teach the Bethel Series in an enrolled church.

Faith & Life Certificate

The Faith and Life Certificate is a six-course program designed to provide instruction
in basic Christian theological understandings and practice. This program is
best suited for Christians seeking to be thoroughly equipped to carry out their call
to ministry within their Christian lives. It can be used as ministry preparation for
short term missionaries or anyone who wants to be better equipped in the basic
teachings of the Bible and Christian theology.

Undergraduate Open Studies

Those who want to take courses at ILT but do not wish to be part of a degree program may enroll as open studies students. Credits earned by open studies students may later be counted toward a degree, provided the student has completed the full application process and been admitted into the degree program.

Christ Lay Academy

Equipping for the Christian Life

ILT has experienced Christian pastors and teachers who deliver quality and practical Biblical education to help you take the next step in your understanding and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Whether you are looking to become more involved in the leadership of your congregation or simply want to learn more about the Bible and the Lutheran tradition, ILT can help you achieve your goals.