Bethel Bible Series Teacher Training

This course is an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation allowing the Bible to reveal itself to students through pictures, biblical concepts and the Bible’s own powerful words. This course will prepare students to be Bethel Series trained teachers who, once they have finished twenty-one weeks studying the Old Testament and twenty-one weeks studying the New Testament and having passed the exams, will be certified by Bethel Series headquarters to teach the Bethel Series in an enrolled church.

Admission Requirements 

  • Completion of the application form

  • Application Fee: $50 (nonrefundable)

  • Copy of official photo identification



 As to making the ordering process clearer and save an unnecessary step for students, all orders of less than five books are done by telephone or email to our office.  The website online ordering is for 5 or more books.  Students can call our office at 800-462-2335 or 608-849-9220 or order by email to and give us a credit card or send a check and the books will be sent out.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Competency in Old Testament History and Theology

  • Competency in New Testament History and Theology

  • The ability to teach the Bethel Bible Series in the congregational setting.



The Bethel Series has been taken by over 2 million people.  It has been offered in over 6,500 churches in the US, including 3,258 Lutheran Churches.  It is offered around the world and has been translated into a dozen languages and braille. The Bethel Series was founded at Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison, Wisconsin 58 years ago.  



Congregational Relations - Constance Sorenson 

For more information on the Bethel Bible Series, contact Constance Sorenson. 


Phone: (949) 294-6360

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