Bachelor of Arts in
Humanities | B.A. - H.

The Humanities degree program offers students an education in history, philosophy, and language. Students who take this degree will be grounded in the western philosophical and Christian tradition. There are also many options for professional development including legal studies, entrepreneurial studies, and pre-seminary.

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Student Debt Upon Graduation

Because the B.A. is a new program, there is no current data on student debt. ILT offers financial aid for those who qualify. ILT will also give students access to federal financial aid and federal student loan programs. ILT remains committed to helping students graduate with as little debt as possible.

Cost of Courses

Tuition is $390 per credit hour or $1,170 per 3-credit course. Tuition cost is subject to change. Additional costs (application fee, books, costs associated with researching and producing the independent projects or the final project or thesis, etc.) are also the responsibility of the participant.






Total: $49,140

Courses to be Completed

The B.A. program provides a broad-based, foundational course of study for high school graduates who want to pursue undergraduate-level studies in humanities or are preparing for ordained ministry. 





Total: 120 Credits

Total Timeline

This program consists of 42 courses in logic, philosophy, history, and language. Students can choose from a variety of professional development options. No travel is required for this program, though students may choose to participate in week-long onsite courses. Fulltime students can finish this degree in 4 years and part-time students can take up to 6 years. 






Total: 4 - 6 Years

Program Learning Outcomes

Admissions Requirements

The Program

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