The Associate of Arts in Ministry program is designed to prepare leaders with no prior theological training to provide pastoral leadership for a congregation. It prepares students for diaconal or other non-ordained ministries within the church and can be used as a route to ordained ministry. This 63-credit program provides a general overview of theology and skills for congregational and other ministry contexts.

Associate of Arts in Ministry | A.A. - M.

The Program

Required Courses 

General Studies – 15 Credits

Communications – 6 Credits

  • COM 101: Academic Research & Writing

  • COM 102: Introduction to Communications

Humanities/Fine Arts – 3 Credits

  • One course in Humanities and Fine Arts

Natural Science/Mathematics – 3 Credits

  • MTH 131: Foundations of Mathematics

Social/Behavioral Sciences – 3 Credits

One course in Social/Behavioral Sciences​

Pastoral Ministry Courses – 45 Credits

Biblical Theology (BT) – 9 Credits

  • BT 221: Principles of Biblical Interpretation

  • BT 311: Old Testament Theology and History

  • BT 321: New Testament Theology and History

Ethics, Philosophy, and Religion (EPR) – 3 Credits

  • PTE 241: Christian Apologetics

Historical and Systematic Theology (HST) – 18 Credits

  • HST 301: History of the Early Christian Church

  • HST 302: History of the Medieval and Reformation Christian Church

  • HST 303: History of the Post-Reformation Christian Church

  • HST 201: Systematic Theology

  • HST 321: Luther and His Catechisms

  • HST 331: Lutheran Reformers and the Book of Concord

Pastoral Theology (PT) – 15 Credits

  • PT 312: Music in Worship

  • PT 401: Pastoral Theology and Care

  • PT 402: Pastoral Care II

  • PT 411: Lutheran Worship

  • PT 421: Proclaiming God’s Word

Total: 60 Credits


Students who intend to serve in congregational ministry context are required to complete 1,040 hours (six months fulltime) of supervised internship. This internship is designed to help students who plan to enter a specific ministry context. Students who are going to continue to the Bachelor of Arts program or who are not preparing for a specific ministry context are not required to complete the internship.

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