Applying for a Program

Students apply for a program by filling out an online application (accessible at and providing the other materials required for an application listed under each program.

International Students for more information go here.



Admission Status

Admission may be granted with one of the following qualifications:


• Full Admission: This status signifies that the applicant has met all admission requirements and is a matriculated candidate for a degree.


• Conditional Admission: This status is awarded to applicants who have met all requirements in principle but from whom one or more official documents are still required. When the materials required are provided to the Office of Admissions, the status is changed to Full Admission. The fulfillment of the condition is the responsibility of the applicant.


• Provisional Admission: In some cases, an applicant with outstanding credentials in other areas but whose admission GPA is below what is required for the program may be admitted provisionally on Academic Probation. A provisional student must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA for one year in order to be admitted as a regular student. 


Transfer of Credit Policy

Students are responsible for contacting their previous institutions and arranging to have those institutions send official transcripts directly to ILT. Students who transfer from accredited theological seminaries should contact the registrar as soon as possible regarding transferring credit for coursework they have done at their previous institution. Credit for work done in undergraduate programs will
not transfer to ILT graduate programs. No more than half the credits that apply toward a degree from ILT may be from other institutions. Transfer of credits from unaccredited programs will be considered on a case by case basis. The most important considerations are the nature, content, and level of the courses taken at other institutions, as well as their appropriateness for the student’s ILT program.


ILT normally does not accept courses from other institutions as substitutes for the following courses:


     BT 303    Lutheran Exegetical Method

     BT 304    Lutheran Biblical Interpretation

     EPR 301   Faith, Knowledge and Reason

     HST 454  The Lutheran Confessions

     PT 301    Pastoral Care I

     PT 321    Homiletics I


Readmission Procedures

Students who have withdrawn, been suspended, or been denied admission should contact the Registrar to request information on procedures for re-application.



New students are required to set an appointment with the registrar prior to enrolling in their first course, to go through an orientation process with includes instruction in the use of Adobe Connect, Populi, Library and tuition payments. To set up this orientation please email the registrar (


Tuition and Fees for 2021-2022 Academic Year

  • Life in Christ Certificate: $105.00 per module

  • Bethel Bible Series Teacher Training: $400.00 per course

  • Undergraduate Programs: $400.00 per credit hour

  • Master of Arts in Religion (M. A. R.): $425.00 per credit hour

  • Master of Ministry (M.M.): $425.00 per credit hour

  • Master of Ministry in Military Chaplaincy (M.M.M.C.): $425.00 per credit hour

  • Master of Ministry in Chaplaincy (M.M.C.): $425.00 per credit hour

  • Master of Divinity (M. Div.): $425.00 per credit hour

  • Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M): $480.00 per credit hour

  • Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)(locked in for 3 years): $480.00 per credit hour

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): $700.00 per credit hour

  • Auditors: one-half the normal tuition charge


  • First Time Student Discount: $60.00

  • Returning Student Discount: $57.00
    (for enrolling in consecutive semesters)

  • Early Registration Discount: $57.00
    (for registering by the Early Registration Date)

  • Full-time Student Discount: $200.00
    (for registering for a minimum of 9 credits in Certificate programs, 12 credits for Undergraduate Degree programs or 9 credits in M.M., M.M.C., M.A.R. or M.Div.programs or in Open Studies. This discount does not apply to S.T.M., D.Min., or Ph.D. students.)

  • Application Fee: $57.00

  • Library Fee (each semester): $75.00

  • Technology Fee (each semester): $57.00

  • Registration Fee (each semester): $57.00

  • Graduation Fee: $57.00

  • Transcript Fee: $10.00

  • Practicum Fee: $57.00

  • Internship Fee: $515.00

  • Late Payment Fee:1%/Month:10% APR


Contact us for questions about tuition, fees, or application process 

Time of Payment

Tuition is to be paid in full upon receipt of the student’s bill on the first day of the semester.  By prior arrangement, students may be allowed to pay tuition in installments over the course of the semester. In these cases tuition must be paid in full prior to the end of the semester. Students will not receive grades or course credit until tuition is paid in full.


Refund of Tuition

Students who formally drop courses before the first day of class will not be billed the tuition for those courses. Students formally dropping classes after the first day of the class, but before the “last day to add/drop courses,” will receive a refund of 80% of the tuition for the course. A refund of 20% will be given to students who withdraw from courses before the “last day to withdraw.” No refund for courses can be given following the “last day to withdraw.” (Dates for “last day to add/drop” and “last day to withdraw” are located in the academic calendar). No refund will be given for any financial aid awarded from the Institute of Lutheran Theology.


Financial Aid

As donations allow, ILT is occasionally able to offer limited scholarship funds. Primary aid for students comes from sponsoring congregations. ILT students are not eligible for US Federal programs for grants and loans. In addition to a general scholarship fund, ILT maintains the Eugene Bunkowske Scholarship Fund for Doctor of Ministry students. Other funds become available as congregations sponsor students. Contact the Business Office for information on financial aid.

For Questions - Contact Joel Williams


Joel Williams

Director of Enrollment Services


phone:(605) 203-1132