Looking for an Education in Theology,
But Can't Relocate?

The Institute of Lutheran Theology is an accredited Lutheran seminary providing graduate, certificate, and lay level theological education through a fully integrated online campus. Faithful, fully-credentialed teachers lead students deeply into the Scriptures and the Christian tradition through a continual dialogue via live online video conferencing that replicates a traditional classroom. This grants students the opportunity to study at ILT without the inconvenience of relocating. Students immediately apply what they learn to their lives, communities, families, and congregations.

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry program focuses on reaching the unreached in a secular age from a specifically Lutheran perspective. Students are pastors with at least three years continuous experience who want to deepen their perspectives and hone their strategies for the church’s apologetic, evangelistic and catechetical tasks.  The program requires 30 credit hours of work, including two independent projects and a final project or thesis.

Support ILT

The Institute of Lutheran Theology is an independent school of Lutheran theology providing a biblical and confessional theological education to the next generation of pastors and workers in Christ's church. As ILT provides this theological education to our students, it is important to remember that tuition does NOT cover the entire cost of the education. It only provides 23% of the operating costs of the Institute of Lutheran Theology.


What does this mean? It means that support has to come from:


  • Congregations

  • Individuals

  • Private Foundations Estates

  • Endowment Funds

  • Matching Corporate Gifts for Education

  • Estates

  • ILT’s Bookstore (Powered by Amazon.com)

  • Thrivent Choice Dollars

  • Faculty and Staff


Supporting ILT means Lutheran congregations will be provided with solid confessional and biblical pastors and workers to continue the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the world for generations to come. Your prayers and gifts are critical to going into All the World as Christ commanded us to do in Mark 16:15


Please prayerfully consider supporting education for the next generation of faithful pastors and teachers.


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